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Stacked Wooden Logs

Annie Howland

Award-Winning Author

Hobo Annie
Hits the Road

Armed with her husband’s parting advice, a generous supply of motion-sick pills, composition book, and pen, Annie faced her life-long fear of the unknown and set off to explore.

Ten years and eight countries later, her detailed journals filled a shelf, bursting with enthusiasm and begging to be shared with others who might be hesitant to take that first step.

Entertaining and humorous, at times philosophical, Annie’s writings to her husband are a literary snapshot of the world through the eyes of a novice traveler, a chatterbox adventurer, and a finally fearless Hobo Annie.


"Just get on the plane."

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"Great introspective travel log!      You will feel like Annie's hobo friend, tasting the food and seeing the sites. Grab a bag and join courageous Annie."


"Whether you’re a seasoned traveler, you want to travel, or you’re an armchair-traveler who prefers to read your way around the world, Howland’s incredible stories will bring diverse cultures, foreign lands, and breathtaking geographical wonders to your doorstep. You’ll want to follow Annie Howland anywhere after reading this."

Praise & Reviews

"Howland’s clever and well-written play-by-play of her adventures makes me want to get on a plane and experience those places myself. Steep trails, amazing flora and fauna, and fun interactions with the locals made me wish I was there with Howland."


"This entertaining journal of Hobo Annie's travels should give even the most reluctant traveler courage to go for it! The author is writing to her husband, but she seems to be speaking directly to the reader, with clear descriptions and no pretense. She includes valuable travel tips as well."

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"I'm one of those people who's afraid to travel to far away places, especially alone.

I love that I can live vicariously through Hobo Annie's book. She's got a great sense of humor and makes the reader feel like you're right there with her. Plus, she's just plain badass fearless. "


"I enjoyed this book immensely. Annie Howland is an inviting writer. She takes you to the heart of her journeys, sharing her observations in England and China, Italy, South America and her homeland, the States. Her positivity even in the face of discomfort is inspiring and warming. She allows things to happen unexpectedly and enjoys much.
She writes about her impressions and quirky things that amuse her (and her readers). She has animals and birds come to her as she travels in stunning places such as atop the Grand Canyon or in Costa Rica. She likewise shares her impressions of the people she meets in a gentle and respectful and often very amusing way. Her book is about an inner journey as well as external travelling.
It was a total joy to read and I hope she never stops travelling and writing!" 

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